Abu Dhabi Police urge parents to protect their children from online predators


Abu Dhabi Police have urged parents to monitor their children’s use of the internet.

They added that while the world wide web helps with students’ education, it can also be a way to exploit and blackmail them. Mums and dads are being reminded to tell their children not to share information and images that can be misused online. 

Authorities offer some tips on how to protect their privacy:

Do not save important files on smart devices that could be hacked.

Do not open suspicious links.

Install e-protection and anti-virus software, and do not share their passwords. 

Abu Dhabi Police also highlighted their Aman Service, through which residents can report any security, community and traffic issues in Arabic, English and Urdu, 24 hours a day. 

Here’s First Lieutenant Ahmed Mohammed Al Khyeli, from the online child abuse department of the Criminal Investigation Department:

Residents can access it by dialing 8002626, sending an SMS to 2828, emailing aman@adpolice.gov.ae or using the smart app of the police force.


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