Bingo with Emirates NBD & City1016 (TEST PAGE)

*Not valid for people outside the UAE*

First 3000 to register will each get a unique ticket to play Bingo, win prizes and most importantly HAVE FUN! We will be broadcasting live on Facebook and Instagram from 8 PM on Thursday.

Once you register you will receive an email within an hour with your ticket and the rules of the game, latest by Thursday 6 PM.

Please check your junk mail/promotions tab if you cannot find it in the inbox. You have a chance to win shopping vouchers, courtesy Emirates NBD DirectRemit, this week for Quick 5, 4 Corners, Golden 60, Top Line, Middle Line, Bottom Line and Full House.



SMS BINGO to 4454 for a chance to win an iPhone 12 courtesy Emirates NBD DirectRemit


1. You can tap the numbers you have based on what is called out during the live session, you can tap the same number again if you have highlighted a number by mistake.  
2. Once you have won in a certain category you can claim a certain category by clicking on that, the claim will successfully go through if the numbers you tap are correct and if the category is not already taken. 
3. We receive the claims immediately along with a time stamp hence the first one will be considered for the prize.
4. This game is restricted to UAE Residents only and if claimed by a non-UAE Resident the prize will not be given.
5. Abusive language in the comments section will not be appreciated and the player will be disqualified, blocked and reported immediately.