Unwind cafe

Unwind cafe - is a cafe full of board games. 
I mean FULL. 

Located on Hessa Street, 6 mins from our media city office, it has 100s and 100s of board games you can play. And so that you don't have to read the pages of instructions before every game, there is also a games master - Ajay to explain each game to you and ensure you find the right one! 

So, how does it work? 

Step 1: Grab some friends, go to Unwind Cafe. (Duh!)
Step 2: Tell the Games master what kind of games you like - Word stuff, speed stuff, zombies, magic lands, princesses? What ever your jam, he'll find you a game - AND explain it to you. 
Step 3: Make teams. Get competitive. End friendships (Haha, Just kidding.NOT)
Step 4: Grab a coffee, choose the next game and hope you will win THAT one. 
Step 5: Repeat steps 2 and 3. Lose. 
Step 6: Grab a coffee, choose the next game and hope you will win THAT one. 


See a pattern? 

Unwind cafe was the most fun experience we have had this year, for a few reasons. It was close by, inexpensive (27 aed an hour) , made us put away our phones and look each other in the eye. 

We hear it gets really busy on the weekends so book in advance!

The team was fun and are open to you using the space for team building, birthday parties, or anything else you can think of and what's more - they told us that you can even hire them to manage your house parties on the game front!

We loved it! and we really, really, really recommend it!



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