• Parikshit

    Parikshit loves cricket, football, tech, and travel. In his own words “My life is a romantic comedy. Where there is no romance, and I laugh at my own jokes.”

  • Sid

    Sid is a dad of 2 who has not grown up himself, brings to the mix his love for the outdoors and that distinctly Delhi sense of humor!

  • Karishma

    Karishma is the mother of three beautiful children, extremely funny, talented and an amazing dancer who has a degree in Biotechnology!

  • Tarun

    The heartthrob of Dubai, Tarun got into modeling and television at a very young age, his passion leading him to become a radio presenter with a passion for poetry and movies!

  • Lokesh

    Lokesh is all about Films, food, and fashion. These are the three most important things in his life.

  • Meghana

    A theatre actor, fitness enthusiast and an expert at rolling her eyes. She’s also a trained counselor and life coach.

  • Mariyam

    A high voltage triple-threat. Mariyam is made for stage and crafted for brilliance with her dance, singing and theatre!