I am back with my Travel Videos on Wanderlust With Parikshit. Recently I had one of the most adventurous trips of my life. In this vlog I am going to tell you why Nepal is your perfect long weekend getaway.

A flight to Kathmandu will cost you anything between AED 900 to 1400 depending on the season and if you like adventure sports Nepal is the place. On my first morning I had a bungee jump lined up I took a cold shower cause the heaters were not working at my hostel, well you can’t expect much from a 19dhs a night place. Also you can request the pick up guy to let your ride the bike, we finally got on the bus and more than the jump it is the ride that scared me. A bungee jump would cost you anywhere between AED 500 to 550 at this place called last resort, uncooked aalo and bread would cost you about AED 5 at the midway stop and the views – Priceless. I also met this girl from China and I am going to visit her soon!! After a well spent day at the last resort we came back to our hostel and watched it pour down. Woke up early the next morning had the best chai from this small place next to my hostel in Thamel Post that amazing chai it was time for some mountain biking but first we had to fix the seat issue. After half way I had to stop and ask Sagar about the real deal! Off roading Let me remind you I haven’t been on a bicycle from past 20 years. I didn’t like it at first but then I got the hang of it!! I would strongly recommend the mountain biking experience in Nepal. It would cost you around AED 350 with a personal guide and there’s a level for everyone. It just hurts a little the next day. After resting it was time to do some sightseeing. I booked a cab only to myself for the entire day and what a story that cab ride was! Entertainment system instead of the rear view mirror and after getting introduced to B grade Bollywood music my first stop was pashpuati nath. Where I also met this extremely interesting character. Of course who just wanted me to heavily tip him. Post that me and my taxi driver shared some heavy late lunch and arrived at our next stop – the bodh stupa. I had the best adventure of my life in Nepal (literally), if you are an adventure/adrenaline junkie as well then just book your flight right away. Here are some pics from my trip-

Also, stay tuned for more videos - Wanderlust With Parikshit HAPPY WANDERLUSTING :)