Contrary to popular belief life is long and the list of your travel goals should be longer. There are plenty of destinations around the world and no matter how much you travel it’s never enough, just like your Salary – It’s just never enough! You must have heard quotes like travel turns you into a storyteller or Traveling makes you modest or it makes you rich, that’s all true but here’s another theory I came up with after traveling to more than 36 Countries. Traveling turns you into a good photographer.

You don’t have to own a crazy expensive DSLR Camera (if you do, great), but whatever camera you’re working with, take it to the next level. Look for patterns, colors, landscapes, moments etc. Wake up early to catch the gorgeous sunrise (also known as the golden hour in the photography lingo). I started as quite a Gareeb photographer now I own decent photography equipment. I am still learning, not a professional but as a hobbyist, I am going to share some of my work. This blog is about the top 10 most picturesque places you should visit in 2018. South Africa - Beaches here will put Aishwarya Rai's of the world to shame, mountains in South Africa will make you retire early and settle there forever and the night skies will make you cry. OK! Thoda zyada ho gaya! The point is South Africa is one place I feel everyone should visit in their lifetime.     Croatia – If you have ever dreamt of a place where the water glitters and where you can walk under the shades of ancient walled towns, Croatia is going to turn your dreams into reality. Pictures you click over here won’t need any filters and editing.  

Greece - Greece is almost as old as time. Clicking bad pictures of Greece is like licking your elbow you just cannot do it!

Share this article if you tried licking your elbow! Greece is the land or shall I say Island of love and sunsets. Take a look at it yourself

Kenya - The land of traditions, colors, and wildlife. Kenya is filled with happy people proud of their heritage, wildlife in abundance and landscapes that might just make you wanna stay there forever. The best time to visit Kenya is from June to October also the time of the Great Migration.

Cuba – Cuba is like sitting in a time machine and going back in time. Despite it being quite underprivileged it is one of the happiest countries I have been to. This is where the magic happens, this is where you should expect the unexpected! The best part about Cuba apart from all those magnificent colors, those vintage cars is its people. No picture is a bad picture in Cuba  

Mexico – From some of the most picturesque beaches you’ve ever seen to amazing hidden treasures topped with the best fiestas in the world. Mexico is the place for you and your camera. This place has a rich culture mixed with a rich cuisine and some of the most colorful landscapes. Mexico feels like a never-ending adventure and it’s a nation with a soul.

Prague – Prague is basically the Jennifer Lawrence of Europe. It’s fun, pretty and I am in love with it/her. Want to have a good time? Just visit Prague. Ancient Stone bridges, hilltop castles and beautiful sunsets over the 100 spires should be in your travel goals of 2018.

Romania – If you own a drone then Romania is the place for you to click some crazy aerial photos, its rolling mountain roads to the Vidraru Damn, all of them are a dream for an aerial photographer. If you don’t then don’t worry, Romania's rugged old churches and its graffiti-filled walls provide a perfect backdrop for your Instagram photos.

Iceland – This is the land of beautiful landscape. If you want to click amazing pictures, even if you are a beginner at photography, book a flight ASAP to Iceland. This place is topping bucket lists of Travelers since forever. From northern lights to breathtaking waterfalls, you will find everything that will turn your camera on, literally!


Denmark - Denmark ticks all the boxes - People are happy here, they really emphasize on people just chilling (Hygge), it is one of the top places in the world for fine dining and it is absolutely perfect for great pictures.