Over half of UAE industry suffering skills shortage, survey shows


Over 50 per cent of UAE industry companies have said they are suffering a skills shortage in one or more key areas and over 90 per cent highlighted they are struggling to find the right candidates to fill those gaps.

That's according to the latest UAE Skills Gap Survey, published by the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET)

In an exclusive interview with Dubai Eye 103.8's Business Breakfast the President of the IET, Julian Young, shared the findings of the report, which surveyed engineers or those working at a senior decision-making level within organisations that employ engineers.

Young said the situation is not unique to the UAE.

He went on to say there is no quick fix.

Young added that as the UAE moves towards a post-oil economy, the skills required are going to continue to evolve.

He underlined that as the economy diversifies, it's essential companies look to local talent.


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