Watch: Hollywood stars are back in new Dubai trailer

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021 5:49pm

By ARN News Staff


Dubai Tourism’s 'Period Drama' trailer is next in the Dubai Presents series of blockbuster videos starring Jessica Alba and Zac Efron.

It takes viewers back to Dubai in the 1950s and centres around the story of a young aviation pioneer at a crossroads in search of the conviction and answers she needs to beat the odds.  

Through stunning cinematography and art direction, Dubai: A Captivating Saga raises the curtain on a city that has always been a bustling cosmopolitan centre of trade and cultural exchange.

The trailer hints at an itinerary packed with hidden gems - from uncovering the city’s rich history dating back to the Iron Age to a perfect day spent on a desert oasis; indulging in a delectable Emirati meal over a campfire and learning about Bedouin traditions from falconry to astronomy and more.

Filmed by Director’s Guild award-winning director Craig Gillespie, the ‘Period Drama’ trailer pays homage to the city’s multicultural roots and identity as we gear up to celebrate the UAE’s Golden Jubilee and welcome the world at Expo 2020.

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