Once stuck 'Ever Given' container ship finally arrives at destination

AFP / Bram Van De Biezen / ANP

The vessel that blocked the Suez Canal earlier this year has arrived in Rotterdam, months later than scheduled.

The 400-metre long ship became wedged in one of the world's busiest shipping routes during high winds on March 23.

It disrupted global trade, blocking approximately 15 per cent of the world's shipping traffic that used the route as the shortest distance between Europe and Asia.

The ship was finally freed after six days, allowing hundreds of vessels to continue on their way, but the Ever Given itself was held in place by Egyptian authorities while extended legal challenges played out between the ship's insurers and the Suez Canal authority.

The ship arrived in the Dutch port of Rotterdam on Thursday and was scheduled to dock at the ECT Delta terminal until August 3, to unload about 18,300 containers, before departing for England.

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