3 arrested in UAE for attempting to smuggle drugs inside fish

Abu Dhabi Police

Three people have been arrested in Abu Dhabi for attempting to smuggle 38 kgs of crystal methamphetamine concealed inside fish guts.

According to a statement from the Abu Dhabi Police, the men were using WhatsApp to "promote" the drugs.

The extensive operation was carried out in coordination with the federal anti-drugs prosecution.

Officials said the gang members were genuinely surprised when their modus operandi was uncovered. 

This is part of a larger campaign being carried out by the Abu Dhabi Police that will target drug traffickers who use WhatsApp to sell.

ألقت شرطة أبوظبي القبض على 3 آسيويين بحوزتهم ما يقارب 38 كيلو من مخدر الكريستال كانت مخفية بداخل أحشاء الاسماك من خلال...

Posted by Abu Dhabi Police on Wednesday, March 2, 2022

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