ERC hosts Eid event for Syrian refugees


The Emirates Red Crescent has hosted an Eid celebration at the Mrajeeb Al Fhood camp for Syrian refugees in Jordan.

The event included cultural competitions and artistic performances of Emirati, Jordanian, and Syrian folklore, cartoon characters, as well as face painting and henna engraving.

Eid gifts and presents were also given out to children.

Yousef Abdullah Al Harmoudi, Deputy Director of the Emirati Relief Team, stressed the Emirates Red Crescent Authority’s keenness to make children happy.

He said, "We are concerned, as an Emirati relief team and as a camp administration, with meeting all their needs of food, clothing, medicine, shelter, etc, so it was necessary for us not to neglect the entertainment aspect because of its importance to the child, and taking into account the psychology of the refugees, especially the children among them."

The camp, funded by the UAE, houses more than 6,000 refugees.

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