Mandatory to register all Dubai co-occupants staying for month or more

Sunday, September 25th, 2022 4:57pm

By Sneha May Francis

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All co-occupants staying in Dubai's residential units for a month or more must register under a new rule.

In a statement sent to ARN News, the Dubai Land Department revealed more details after announcing the need to register names of all co-occupants of residential units in the emirate "within two weeks".

The registration should include the co-occupant’s name, Emirates ID number or passport number (in case co-occupant does not have an Emirates ID).

The registration can be used as a "document of residence" for co-occupants, but it cannot be used in place of a tenancy contract for government transactions.

"While registration of co-occupants is mandatory, the tenancy contract does not need to mention all their names," the DLD added.

The move is part of developing a "comprehensive statistical record of all residents in Dubai properties to support government entities in responding to the evolving needs of citizens, residents and visitors".

Property owners, developers, management companies and tenants must register their family members or co-occupants against their Ejari contract via the Dubai REST app, by logging in using the UAE pass or Emirates ID.

The Dubai REST app is available for both iOS and Android

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