New training scheme for students to support Emiratisation drive

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Thousands of Emirati school and university students have enrolled in a training programme aimed at enhancing their integration into the private workforce.

The initiative led by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) targets students from the ninth grade until the final year of higher education.

As many as 3,500 pupils are taking part in a one-year trial scheme, which is set to be expanded over the next five years to include all students in the eligible age groups.

The programme will offer young people the opportunity to develop skills that qualify them for professional opportunities in the private sector.

It's part of the government’s efforts to encourage UAE citizens to reshape their perceptions of the private sector from an early age, and also aims to build their expertise so they can find suitable career opportunities that align with their academic paths.

"Targeting young people at an early age has numerous benefits. At that point, they are still at an age where they are open to exploring their capabilities and potential, and they are still building their aspirations," said Aisha Belharfia, Acting Under-Secretary for Emiratisation Affairs and Assistant Under-Secretary for Labour Affairs at MoHRE.

"It works to create balance and harmony between the education system and the labour market, and ultimately supply the private sector with qualified young UAE professionals with tremendous potential for success in various fields," she added.

The 'Professional and Practical Training Programme' includes two tracks: a ‘General Track’ that covers general high schools and advanced education, and a ‘Professional Track’ including all stages of secondary and post-secondary education that focus on vocational, applied, and technical curricula, as determined by the Ministry of Education.

The scheme also offers weekly financial incentives to participating students, who are selected and nominated by academic institutions for training opportunities in the job market, in coordination with private firms.

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