Smart robot to detect e-scooter, bicycle violations in Dubai

Dubai Media Office

Dubai is set to begin trial operations for a smart robot to detect violations among users of bicycles and electric scooters.

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Terminus Group on the sidelines of the MENA Transport Congress and Exhibition in Dubai.

The initial phase of the trial will commence in March in the Jumeirah 3 beach area.

The hi-tech robot will monitor the use of soft mobility means by detecting violations, sharing, and analysing them in collaboration with Dubai Police.

Utilising artificial intelligence, the robot will identify a range of offences, including large gatherings, failure to adhere to personal safety protocols like wearing helmets, abandonment of scooters in unauthorised areas, scooter use by multiple riders, and riding in pedestrian-only zones.

It can identify violations with over 85 per cent accuracy, deliver data within 5 seconds, and has a surveillance reach of up to 2 km.

The robot is also designed to operate efficiently under various weather conditions and is equipped with sensors that trigger a halt when it comes within 1.5 metres of any object or individual, ensuring the safety and security of road users.


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