Sultan Al Neyadi marks space mission anniversary with special message

X/Sultan Al Neyadi

UAE astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi has marked the first anniversary of his historic six-month space mission with a special message on social media.

"A year ago, I experienced my first moments aboard the ISS. I still recall each moment in microgravity with the crew," he wrote.

The anniversary, he added, comes "just days before the graduation of Nora AlMatrooshi and Mohammad AlMull from NASA’s Astronaut Candidate Class.

Al Neyadi, who also holds the position of Minister of Youth, added: "The journey continues".

Al Neyadi had marked the start of the longest Arab space mission in history with: "We have reached the International Space Station."

Salem Al Marri, Director General of Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre, also marked the historic with a special social media post.

"The continuity of the UAE Astronaut Programme is one of our key objectives and we are achieving it with the support of our wise leadership and the efforts of our astronauts," he highlighted.

During his six-month mission, Al Neyadi conducted over 200 science investigations, advancing further global scientific knowledge.

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