UAE playing key role in Afghanistan evacuation process


The UAE has reiterated its support for international efforts aimed at achieving peace, stability and prosperity in Afghanistan.

Since the beginning of August, the UAE has helped with the evacuation of as many as 36,500 people.

The evacuees have included Afghan nationals as well as citizens of France, the UK, Japan, Australia, US, New Zealand, Latvia, Spain, and Mexico.

On August 20, the UAE agreed to host 5,000 Afghan nationals on their way to third countries, following a request from the United States.

A transit hub and processing centre has been set up in Abu Dhabi to assist evacuees proceeding to other countries.

Under the coordination of the National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority, the UAE is working with the US Embassy team, including Consular and Customs and Border officers, to process travellers around the clock.

They are also being provided with high-quality housing, sanitation, healthcare and food.

"It is an honor for the UAE to work side-by-side with its partners in the international community to achieve all that serves the interests of the Afghan people, as well as foreign nationals being evacuated from Afghanistan on humanitarian grounds," said Salem Mohammed Al Zaabi, Director of the International Security Cooperation Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation 

"We will continue to work tirelessly in this regard to ensure that all can live in safety, security, and dignity," Al Zaabi added.

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