UAE Team Emirates announces net zero ambitions at COP28

Platform X (@TeamEmiratesUAE)

UAE Team Emirates, led by CEO Mauro Gianetti, announced at COP28 their goal to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2030.

The team, the first in professional cycling to reach Carbon Neutrality in 2023, is committed to leading sustainable sports initiatives.

Gianetti emphasised the team's role in driving positive social impact and supporting the UAE's decarbonisation goals through a comprehensive sustainability programme.

"Since day one, our team’s mission has been about more than just winning bike races; we were created to become a vehicle for change," he highlighted during a panel discussion at COP28.

"We’ve already realised this through a number of health and wellness initiatives that encourage, enable and advocate for cycling and now we will extend our remit by supporting the nation’s decarbonisation ambitions and implementing a comprehensive sustainability program aimed at achieving a net-zero carbon footprint by the end of 2030."

The team, including its riders, is actively engaged in promoting environmental awareness and educating younger generations about sustainability. Their strategy includes reducing greenhouse gas emissions yearly, optimizing travel logistics, minimizing waste, and adopting energy-efficient technologies.

A third-party audit of their 2022 season revealed a carbon footprint of 224,980 CO2 tonnes, leading to investments in carbon-neutral projects and partnerships for mitigation.

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