Name The Lemur

Help Green Planet name their new furry resident!

The Green Planet needs your help! Three ring-tailed lemurs have just made their home there but one of them is without a name! 

We need your help dear residents, to find the perfect name for this playful and furry little creature. The name has to be fun because lemurs are all about bringing smiles to visitor’s faces!

The winning name will receive an annual pass for 4 to The Green Planet so you can always check on your new buddy. Fill in the form below and let us know what name you have in mind for him… or her if you feel like it!

Name The Lemur

Lemur name suggestion has ended.

A ring-tailed what now?

Ring-tailed lemurs are the most vocal of the 25 species of lemurs of the planet. All species are native to the Madagascar islands. Their distinct tails are longer than their bodies, and its quite a useful tool for them. Male lemurs are known to put scents on their tails before waving them in the air - this is known as ‘stink fighting’. Apart from that, their cat-like appearance also gets them the Latin name ‘Catta’.