Dubai opens clinics for patients with 'long COVID' symptoms

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021 6:57pm

By ARN News Staff

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Special clinics have been opened in Dubai to assist patients who have lingering symptoms after recovering from COVID-19.

The Dubai Health Authority's (DHA) latest services will support those who experience symptoms weeks or months after being cleared of the illness.

The clinics will be held at Al Barsha Health Centre on Tuesdays and Nad Al Hammar Health Centre on Thursdays.

A comprehensive assessment with a medical specialist will be offered, in addition to a range of diagnostic tests and treatments tailored to each patient’s specific post-COVID symptoms.

The aim of the clinic is to conduct a thorough investigation, get all the necessary tests done and refer patients to specialists in cases where they need particular medical intervention in specific areas such as pulmonology, cardiology, mental health or neurology.

Pregnant women and children under six years of age are not eligible for the services.

Patients can book an appointment through the DHA’s call centre (800 342) or they require a referral from a doctor at a DHA hospital or DHA primary health centre or a telemedicine referral from the DHA’s 'Doctor for Every Citizen' service.

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