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Sharief won 12,999 Dhirams! Winning sound: Opening of an umbrella!
A new sound is out, tune into CITY 1016 all day to WIN!  



  •            1st SOUND 

    (Click here to listen to the sound)

    21st April 2019
    - Flipping of pages and then the shutting of the book
    Pages being turned in a book
    Reel changing in the cinema theatre

    22nd April 2019
    - The sliding door of a house closing
    - Shuffling a deck of playing cards
    - Shutter being closed

    23rd April 2019
    - Sound of an old credit card machine


  • 2nd SOUND 

    23rd April 2019
    - Plugging headphones in or out

    24th April 2019
    Deepika Padukone
    - Water droplets falling
    - Entering key in a keyhole

    25th April 2019
    - A ball dropping
    - Putting the pen cover on the pen
    - Chewing gum popping

    28th April 2019
    Stamp on a paper
    - Opening an airtight lid/dhakkan
    - Tapping someone on the shoulder

    29th April 2019
    Kicking a soccer ball
    - Closing a door
    - Clicking sound while playing a video game

  • 30th April 2019
    - Switching the light switch on and off
    - Kid putting Lego blocks together
    -  Toy gun

    1st May 2019
    Child playing with a ball
    - Kid tapping on the drum
    - Hitting a ball with the bat

    2nd May 2019
    - Hitting a snooker ball
    - Playing with a spinning top
    - Kid playing marbles

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